Nutrition and Compliance


Mealtime within the residential care sector environment is one of the most important parts of the day for residents. Nutritious healthy food combined with creative menus is vitally important for the health and wellbeing of your residents. Food quality and menu choice is also a key part of your CQC rating. Working closely with our specialist nominated food suppliers, we can provide an array of added-value services to support your food offering, such as:

  • A qualified nutritionist to review your current menu offering
  • Access to a virtual chef – online menu and product nutritional information tool
  • A free online nutritional training course
  • Free webinars to support your business
  • Free training programs


Compliance, hygiene and safety for residents and staff is of paramount importance within the health and social care sector.
Working closely with our specialist nominated non food suppliers, we can provide an array of added value services to support your care offering, such as:

  • Chemical surveys
  • Continence assessments
  • Odour management support
  • Pressure care advice

Our research and studies show that unpleasant odours can have a negative effect on productivity, profitability and the reputation of your business. A hygienic and fresh smelling care home is intrinsically linked to new business and increased occupancy.

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Nutrition and Compliance